About Bayekeni


I often think that everything is about me. Don’t you sometimes feel like that too? I do too… I’m sure we have all felt at some point, that life is a huge long ass movie and we are the starrings and main actors. Have you? These things happen to the best of us. Maybe we are the main actors? Maybe we are the starrings? But anyways…

Bayekeni helps start-up enterprises & entrepreneurs by creating access to lucrative opportunities through extensive network.

What keeps him awake at night?

His passion for research and analysis mechanism to create effective and efficient strategies that will help you change, define and produce desirable results for your business and or organisation’s goals.

What wakes him up in the morning?

His determination, courage and hunger to exponentially be an asset in the development of start-up businesses, corporate entities and your career/business needs.

A little bit more about him!

Thoughts: Written by Shadrack Kubyane CEO | Translocal Economic Development Practitioner

“Mr Thenga has an amazing ability to initiate and facilitate relationships development between entities and their markets.

He has a natural ability to connect with new people, read and analyse their needs; profiles and environments, as well as becoming relevant to their goals through the utilization of ordinary looking tools such as a survey understanding of environmental background, body language and culture. A keen observer of human nature. A censor’s approach of understanding people’s challenges, weaknesses and what keeps them awake at night. An ability to connect the thoughts, spot opportunities and gaps where others see difficulties, An appetite for deriving practical solutions to even the most complex challenges.

Fact finding: When He is assigned to a research mandate, He firstly seek to see the bigger picture. The necessity of this fact-finding exercise as it relates to, the recipients of the proposals, those that commissioned the research. The various industries role players he need to consult during the exercise. The online and offline platforms he needs to tap into, to widen the depth and insight of the research scope and ultimately producing a document and or a product that embodies the type of feedback, research, proposal, report and presentation that all stakeholders on board can relate to.

His love for philosophy, anthropology, African heritage, spirituality and sacred geometry are his cornerstone in his career journey. Not forgetting his 5 year on going project to mimic the GEM Report (Global Economy Monitor Report).

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