7 Best Smart Apps I Use When Travelling.

The best smart applications I use when travelling.

1. Maps.ME  

“I’m never getting lost now, even if I don’t have internet connection. 
This Navigation App is totally Offline – No Internet connection required. Save money on roaming charges. Worldwide All Countries, all cities. The entire world is in your pocket – even the smallest islands! Really Fast Zoom-in and zoom-out smoothly. The map never freezes or becomes a blank grey square. Very Detailed – Enjoy a high level of detail! Discover thousands of points of interest.
Download Link: http://maps.me/en/home
Breakers Resort, Durban SA

2. Backpackr

I use Backpackr to even plan my next trip with people that are travelling to the next city at the same time as me. This is so fun, you can even meet other travellers from other places in the same restaurants and bars that are both close to you. 
You can discover travel buddies and connect with other like-minded travellers across the globe. Travel the world while meeting backpackers who want to see and do the same things as you do. Find others travelling to the same destination, collect virtual stamps and share photos with friends as you go!
Download Link: http://www.backpackr.org/

3. Trip Expert 

Mbudya Island
Let’s face it, Trip Advisor usually have reviews even from bitter people, hence we cannot rely on Trip Advisor;  some people complain about everything – perhaps you might miss a great place because of one bitter somebody who was angry at something that didn’t work well for them. Someone who probably started crap with the waitress, then start giving bad reviews about the place where 90% of people would recommend the place.
With Trip Expert: Finally, reviews you can trust. The best travel advice from 70+ leading publications. 

Download Link: https://www.tripexpert.com/

4. Couchsurfing
I’ve been using Couchsurfing for 3 full years now, I hosted great amazing people from all walks of life, and I’ve been hosted in spectacular places by extraordinary people – in various cities in the southern Africa countries. This one takes the cake, I’ve met selfless individuals; people who are passionate and cannot get enough of the world around them. 
Stay with Locals and Meet Travelers. Share Authentic Travel Experiences. (I used Couchsurfing  a lot). 
Download Link: https://www.couchsurfing.com/

5. MyCurrency

With the currency issue, travelling between 3 countries in a space of 4 weeks, you will have to be excellent with your Mathematics skills, otherwise you’ll loose money when you doing your currency change. There are even some Bureau de change that can cheat you in under developed cities in Africa.  Be careful and always use this App to make sure you are getting the correct funds back of the exchange amount.
My Currency is a free currency converter with 180+ currencies and live exchange rates. Your perfect companion abroad or at work. Hold the world’s currencies in the palm of your hand.
Most important features:
✔ Exchange rates for over 180 currencies
✔ Currency charts
✔ Search for currencies
✔ Calculator function
✔ Automatic updates
✔ Available online and offline
✔ Converts to multiple currencies at once
Download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.roqapps.mycurrencylite&hl=en\

6. Uber 

Uber has made traveling easy in foreign cities, in this way you can find safety and security with drivers you can trust.
Uber Technologies Inc. is a transportation network company headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States, operating in 570 cities worldwide. It develops, markets and operates the Uber car transportation and food delivery mobile apps.
Download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ubercab&hl=en

7. WorkFlow Max

Bongoyo Island
This one is my next favourite, this helps you manage your tasks and be able to work on the road. You can make quotes, track your time, do invoices and manage all your to do job lists.
From leads to quotes, to time-tracking, all the way to invoicing – all-in-one, cloud based job management software is the modern and efficient way to run your business:
A recent survey showed: On average, WorkFlow Max save each of their customers 628 hours of time and $22,000 every year.
Download Link: https://www.workflowmax.com/

Questions and Answers: By a Trusted Travel Expert!

Q: What’s a Trusted Travel Expert?
A: A Trusted Travel Expert (TTE) is a Wendy-vetted destination specialist who arranges and books custom-tailored private travel. Some TTEs arrange small components of a trip (say, a unique one-day guided tour), and some book cruises (filled with special touches), but all of them focus on creating complete itineraries. They solve travel dilemmas, especially when you and your travel companions have conflicting needs and complicated requests. A TTE is a trip choreographer, psychologist, and magician rolled into one. And a TTE is your advocate—your troubleshooter—should something unforeseen happen on your trip. 

Q: When should I use a Trusted Travel Expert?
A: When you’re planning a dream trip and it’s proving challenging or time-consuming—or when you want extraordinary experiences or V.I.P. perks that you can’t get via the Internet—that’s when you turn to a Trusted Travel Expert. For run-of-the-mill trips you don’t need one.

Questions and Answers by wendy Perrin: http://www.wendyperrin.com/use-trusted-travel-expert-faqs/

Bayekeni  Thenga is a Travel Expert certified in SA “Cultures & Lifestyles” and “Lap of Luxury” 

SA Specialist Link: http://saspecialist.southafrica.net/us/en/listing/entry/bayekeni-thenga  

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