Give Me a Word: The Question Mark!

Give Me a Word: The Question Mark!
Give Me a Word!
Water! Waves waving wisdom to these widows to life.

Crippled! Crashed by these cruel critical credentials that are very crucial to life.

Fire! Feeling the flesh flying high and cause fight to the spirit. I flick flow flukes fluently every time I follow my faith.

Wind! Wow, wild wine wiped their destiny while they wink singing twinkle little star thinking they winning but waging war to the warrior of wrath.

Violent! Vicious vigorous my heart changing colour to be violet. These violins relieve my vocal cords from singing prohibiting this vomit that is about to come involuntary.

Hope! Hold these hills by your hands.

 Hello! Wake up from being dead; horrific humans hostile to these hookers, since they hanging on the streets selling publicly and them in hotels privately serving it’s hospitality.

Respect! Reference radical being reborn to life, No! being rebooted to life; I reason and write reality for I recall you no longer a human, but a robot, cause you a rude rebellious record of your friends. I reduce my redness yet I rebound, I realise this registers in my brain with regards. I rebirth, reconcile and recruit you back to reflect a human being not a robot.

Finish! Finishing finally this is my fashion to fax you back to the federal people you called foreigners while a robot fearfully to be different to friends.

This is to say be who you are and do what you want, when ever you want. This is the time to shine. This is the time to make a change in your life, so tomorrow you blame someone not. So tomorrow when they count their achievements, even if you didn’t win at least you can count your tries.

I call this paper my pulpit for even if I do not achieve changing your life at least I tried.




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