How Rwanda is leading the world through Innovation.

No tragedy is so great, so vast that human ingenuity and resilience cannot give rise to a better future.” – Paul Kagame


Friday, April 7, 2017

International Day of Reflection on the 1994 Rwanda Genocide.

As we are joining hands with Rwanda in commemoration on this day Friday, April 7, 2017. I would personally like to acknowledge and reflect on the exceptional development efficient and effective strategies of Rwandan government administration.

Rwanda has attracted a lot of attention over the past 5 years, earning a reputation of one of Africa’s fastest growing airline. As the IOSA certified airline and member of IATA, RwandAir flies to about 20 destinations across the continent and the Middle East and very soon targeting the European and American market”

Now Rwandair Express pitch offered in economy class, business class, and first class and also the in-flight enjoyment proposed by the company such as WIFI, earphones, broadcast film, broadcast languages, individual screens, magazine, on board shopping. Technically disrupting the commercial global Airline Industry and leading the world through new possibilities in the pool of creative innovations.

Looking at the fact that in 1994 Rwandan government administration was in havoc before and just after the Rwanda Genocide which claimed at least over 800 000 lives.


Paul Kagame as the first African leader in history to address the
AIPAC mentioned in his speech “No tragedy is so great, so vast that human ingenuity and resilience cannot give rise to a better future.” he said. “The survival and renewal of our two nations testifies to this truth.” while speaking about the relationship between Rwanda and Israel.

Looking at the disruptive strategies that the Kagame administration is demonstrating in Africa.

We can really be assured that Africa can be transformed by Africans for Africans through innovation, education and not conforming to the standards brought forth to Africa by non-Africans.

Azania will be re-united, the boarders will not stop true African development by Africans who understand better the issues of our African heritage.

@bayekeniSA #JustEpic #UnderstandingAfrica


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