There Are Black People, Then There Are “Black” People, klaar!

Let us face it! black has became a very broad concept along the years. They say Black People is a term used in certain countries, often in socially based systems of racial classification or of ethnicity, to describe persons who are perceived to be dark-skinned compared to other given populations.


Socially Based Systems: primarily “in a way that relates to society or its organization.”  Organisation meaning how the particular group of people have been excluded and or exclusively  living a different lifestyle than the others.

Racial Classification: Race is “the revised standards contain five minimum categories for race: American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, Black or African American, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, and White” according to Grants.nih

Which takes us back to the first definition of “Black People” it’s people who are perceived to be dark-skinned compared to other given populations. How dark? Hispanic dark? Hawaiian dark? or Asian dark?

It seems like Racial classification is defined on the basis of separating a class from the other class. This was never about the colour of the person’s skin. It was about which class the people belonged to. The Black People were primitive and adaptive to new cultures and lifestyles, because they were nomads by nature.

The western world came on the shores of Azania, they predefined and classified us as lower class – the poor class, because we were primitive. They have always considered primitive poor, because they didn’t understand our African ways. This has caused shock to other continents, perpetuating even people like Mahatma Ghandi having the guts to despise “Black People”, claiming that “they are lazy, dirty, people who are wasteful and all good to make babies” (paraphrase) which is not long ago. High level of discrimination transcended from generation to generation.

This is a preconceived pompous idea that was given birth by  the unwise who thought primitive mean’t poor, and so classifying the dark skinned majority as Black People.

Black People does not define Africa, African people are not all black.

Going back to the point, there are black people like the black people in Alexandra, Johannesburg, South Africa; then there are black people in Sandton, Johannesburg; some of them you cannot mistake them for Black People, other than the distorted black definition colour of their skin theory. These black people are the black people that have been described from above when we mentioned “It seems like Racial classification is defined on the basis of separating a class from the other class” Which is predominately the poor versus the rich. So many of those black people cannot really call themselves black people. Because black is been somehow defined incorrect, so you are not black; you are white, because maybe you might have been the beneficiary of the long strings of network that defined CODESA. Whether you have directly benefited from the White Monopoly Capitalism that was sealed during that time, or you have been posing as the face of Black Economic Empowerment while you are pushing White Monopoly Capitalism through hidden agendas; then you are not Black, you are White! Remember black also means being the victim of the system’s exploitation of the consumer tendencies from the black majority. Black means in debts, it means surviving through the day in a beautiful mansion. Black means making it by a month to month nge tarhu bawo. That’s being black! You are in the same economical struggle of Azania as the majority of Africans. If you do not know how it feels to be black then you haven’t experienced being black whether you might be dark-skinned or not. Not even going without butter for a month experience can convince you that you are black, neither by having to walk to school 7 km because daddy didn’t come back from drinking to give you school bus fair – can convince you and make you feel that you understand the struggle of what “Black People” are going through.  There are caucasian “Black People”, you see them everywhere, there at the super market shouting “hola bafethu, khawenze iR2 ye nkawz’ apho”. Dude! those are Black People ngqumakho!

White might have mean a lot of things, but it cannot mean anything close to a Caucasian.

What if we translate “White People” to native languages across Africa? Maybe just two. We may see the confusion of the White misinterpreted incorrectly translated definition.

In isiZulu White Person means Umlungu 

In Chichewa and keSwahili White Person means Mzungu but Umulungu means God. We know that the Xhosa people in South Africa were the first to be visited by “White People“, they called “White People” “umlungu“, meaning that foam that is spitted out by the ocean. but in Malawi, the Maravi people (The first people who occupied Malawi which is derived from Maravi), these people were so dumb apparently! You know the superstitions about short people? They praised what was foreign and unknown to them. They probably heard a Xhosa speaker passing by, saying “Ngu Mlungu lowo maqabane” which means “that’s a foam that was spit by the ocean”. then the Maravi people thought fok! Umulungu meaning God “has came to save them from whatever” I don’t know. Few years down the line they are chased out of Malawi, their own land by the forces of AbeLungu, even the Current Kingdoms of Malawi chased them away saying they were too stupid.

During this whole confusion of Umlungu, God, Umlungu and Umzungu and all of that. We find that aBelungu have spread to all other African tribes, they have heard that they are praised on the other side of the world. Maybe that’s when they planned to manipulate everything to serve their delusions that they are gods. This is probably why even today you find Mzungus feeling superior than the Black People! I mean black people for example a guy washing your car at a car wash? or a beggar standing on the side road or maybe your classmate in University who cannot speak proper English or dress traditional or non-conventional . That’s a black guy not a “black guy” who wears nerd glasses, happy socks and speak with a twang. It doesn’t mean that I’m saying if you have a twang, nerd glasses and happy socks you cannot be black! We now know what Black People mean.

Basically this is probably a generational curse, “Black People” have passed the inferiority from child to child, and “White People” have passed that superiority over black people from child to child.

All from the confusion of the Maravis, ahhhh man! That’s why now Malawi is the Warm Heart of Africa. It’s because we empathise with them with all our hearts as Africans. We are all Africans, what’s the way forward?



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