3 Things That Will Determine Whether You Achieve You Goals Or Not Social Lifestyle Activities.

In my seven years of experience in entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship; I have generated more revenue from social gatherings, braai sessions, bars and shebeens than anywhere else. Even the revenue stream we’ve managed to create through our three corporate offices, has made little to nothing compared to the revenue generated by social events and activities. The conferences attended, the networking sessions, the business fairs and other entrepreneurship events, seem to have not mastered the effectiveness and efficiency created by social lifestyle activities in our careers and businesses.

Never let anyone tell you to stay away from something that you want to do, especially when it’s going to add value in your business, career and life. Traditional professionals have been telling young people “if you want to succeed in life, stay away from social networks, stay away from social parties“; they claim social activities are time wasting.

I can attest to that too; social media for instance – can be time consuming and time wasting if the user is not discipline, principled and have no clue of why they are on social media.

Three things that will determine whether you achieve you goals or not on social activities: Evaluation, Alignment and Structure!


  1. Evaluate your reasons why you’re doing what you’re doing! This will require you to assess the platforms you are in, and determine how to use them to benefit your goals.
  2. Align your social life activity with your value system, and with what you want to achieve in life.
  3. Structure your activity to portray your value system, your goals and the progress of your social activity experience’s report back.

If you are running a business without a simple structured formula for what you want to achieve; you might have to start thinking of having a professional to assist you with that; That will definitely help make your social lifestyle activity lucrative to your goals and or your company’s vision and mission. 

This is the reason why corporate companies, brands and organisations always find an online social media expert to manage their online presence and visibility.

What other things you think may add value to our social lifestyle experience?

Bayekeni Sydney Thenga is creative with extensive experience in Fundraising and Innovative Entrepreneurship. He creates non conventional marketing concepts for corporate companies.



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