She Is Pregnant…

The moment you become pregnant, you become a parent, you become invincible every second of your pregnancy! When the baby is born, you yourself as a parent you become born again!
day by day as the baby grows, you start to become protective:
1. You become protective of the baby in your stomach.
2. You become protective of your surroundings.
3. You become protective of getting hurt.
You become mindful:
1. You become mindful of where you walk.
2. You become mindful of what you consume.
3. You become mindful of what you want your baby to grow up to see in you.
You become more responsible:
1. You become responsible of one more extra person’s life.
2. You become responsible of their growth.
3. You become responsible of their future.
You Sacrifice: 
1. You sacrifice your freedom.
2. You sacrifice your comfort.
3. You sacrifice your everything else for this baby.
Every one who is mentally stable and understands a baby around you – will protect you, be mindful for you, feel responsible for you, and will do everything to make you and your baby comfortable no matter what. This is a normal-conscious response of humanity to pregnant women!
When you give birth to your baby, you become a girl no more! Not even just a woman but a parent!
You see… the baby you carried nine months; when you finally give birth to her, you will have sleepless nights, you will do everything in your power to understand your baby. Every time you close your eyes, you will either see your baby in a dream or every moment you open your eyes. You will not be able to communicate with your baby from the physical form at the first glance, but you will grow to understand your own baby and you will be the only one who can fully understand your offspring!
Not even the most qualified doctors or practitioners can tell you anything about your baby. Because this baby:- “is bone of your bone, flesh of your flesh and blood of your blood!” You become a professional care-giver even without ever been to school for it, because you want to give your baby only the best in life. It’s a natural inclination, you become a Superman!
That’s what being parent makes one to be; it makes you to be a super hero. You become a jerk of all trades as a parent. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve never cooked before, this time you will definitely make means for your baby to eat, but a vast number of us do not protect our visions when we give birth to them, because our visions, ideas, aspirations are like the babies we are pregnant with, and the children we are trying to raise.
Realise that you are Pregnant!

Everyone can have sex but not everyone is ready to  become a parent. 

If God is a she, then you are pregnant! Change your ways!

“Are You Pregnant?” Here are the signs read here: Labour Pains

#IamChange #Declare 

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