A Blessing Is Permission…

Today I am standing here.  I know that not everything is perfect, not everything in my life is going level.

However, I am trying to transform my mind, trying to create new nervous tissues under my skull, that allows me to understand that I am a failure not!

That allows me to be sick not.

That allows me to walk tall.

That allows me to be confident and shy not.

That allows me to say in the mist of every dilemma, I am still standing for sure.

That allows me to speak these words and resurrect you who are intimidated to testify of your faith.

These words which I speak!

That which by my eyes of mind I can see my tomorrow.

That which by the feelings I contain I can feel no more sorrow.

That which by my legs I can walk miles according to what my eyes by my mind can perceive.

These words which I speak!

They will indeed give me life.

They will indeed take me from the bottom to the sky.

They will indeed make me pursue my dreams.

They will indeed erase my deeds of the past.

Let these words resurrect you and make you a new person.

Let these words transform the colour of your skin.

Let these words be seen in action by these human beings who are Lifeless species.

Let these words live in your mind and meditate on them so they can become the only nervous tissue that your mind can reason about.

If then you did this. Your mind will reason not of failure.

Your mind will be aware not of the negative words. Then your mind shall produce fruits of the physical.

You will tomorrow go out and tell the world that your faith has given you the blessings.

No wonder other intellectuals have defined a blessing as permission.

A permission is an approval, or should I say an authorization.

You are being given permission to what is already yours by your words.

I define it as an appreciation of being faithful to these words which are in your mind.

I do not mind not by any chance to be considered as someone who speaks nonsense.

However, I value these words.

I price worthy them not.

I utter them with pride! because the Resurrection of These Words will give you your blessing!

Be resurrected!

#IamChange #Declare


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