7 Reasons Why You Should Stay Away From People Who Do Not Love Politics.

People who do not love politics can never be trusted. It is a natural instinct for everything at the face of the earth to guard, challenge and question the integrity of the things and or people that governs us.   Even the bees do it? they guard, challenge and question the integrity of the queen. They would die for the queen, it’s their politics!

Now this chameleon, this wolf wearing sheep’s cloth person you should stay away is either:-

  1. extremely ignorant
  2. or dubiously naive to think that we cannot see that they are shallow minded or simply toxic people to hang around.

Here are the 7 reasons why you should stay away from people who do not love politics. 

  1. They do not know or underestimate the impact that politics is having in their lives.
  2. They do not know that everything is influenced by politics even the choices we choose to make are politically influenced.
  3. They do not know that even the religion they choose to believe in is politically motivated.
  4. These are the people whose actions are not well thought. They can do something that is not well calculated in your condor. You might find yourself being responsible for something bad that happened or responsible for a stupid mistake that caused a lot of fire.
  5. These are the people who do not go further than what they are told, they often choose to sink around the system.
  6. If you ever thought about who exactly are the people who think only inside the box, these are the people!
  7. These people are often the people who look at everything at face value.

Be careful of those people, they are the people who will suck the ambition out of you. They will suck your drive and positivity to discover new things and pursue new opportunities. These are the people who say, “it cannot be done, because no one has ever done it”, The people who believe “this is the only way it can be done, because this has always been the way it has been done”. Stay away from those people!

This people are dependant on the system, the system which is defined by politics and politics which they fail to love; because failing to love politics means failing to be concerned about politics.



Image ref: CNN

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