Who am I to Judge?

I came back from Tanzania that day, on my first day in South Africa -My heart was pumping, goose bumps, excitements and unfortunately highly expectant. First few days, joy – as fashionable as it is… Elevated my spirit and made me one with the Universe.

Travelling can really tear barriers and transform lives. It destroy fears, decrease doubts, deny negativity and cultivate intuition. Your mind becomes a playground of extra developmental exercises, you learn constantly. Yourself do not, but your instincts drives you.

Your dreams become wider, and your imaginations become wilder. Something like that…

I have represented my self as this black South African Xhosa male to the world. One who is eager to learn, eager to try and fail, and eager to achieve only the best in life. Apparently I was wrong, some of us dream of being seen every Friday carrying 1 litre coke and being a regular ka Spotong.

With all the townships, villages and informal settlement I’ve visited in between the Eastern Cape and North West.

Young families; a man who would do anything to bring food to the table and feed his family. He would rather kill himself just to see his family living happily ever after. Such a government; defining the circumstances of the people living in squalors.

I saw strength, love,  peace and unity that perpetuate petty violence, small crimes and useless jealousy. But beyond that… I saw how far the imaginations of the majority takes them? I met family men whom within themselves; their dying wish, they want to see their shack designed in an “L E” shape – having a dining room and 16 plates “so that when one day when we get visitors – we will be able to feed everyone and the would be a visitor who comes with a car and we have dinner in our “L” shape dining room… All our neighbours shall one day see nna ke mang”. 



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