We got served – South Africa

Some of the reasons the Public Education  Schools System is rigorously poor and in imminent danger in South Africa.


The prime reason the level of public school system in South Africa – which is occupied by the poor majority of South Africans, that are the majority of the population of this country  is so rigorously and exceptionally poor, is because of; the government system wants it – to produce people who can be easily persuaded, controlled and lured to economical slavery. A tactically planned ideology to re-introduce the condemnation of the Freedom Charter in morden ways than one. Apartheid improved! Does this despise the political will,  sacrifices,  blood,  sweat and tears of our Freedom Fighters? Certainly Not! However Allowing the monopoly capitalists to thrive on the blood, sweat and tears of the poor is certainly vilifying the energy of those who gave their lives for the implementation of the Freedom Charter. This Education system thrives in the indoctrination of the people to be dependent on strategically placed institutions that benefits the monopoly capitalists e.g. Financial institutions, Insurance Companies, Hospitals,  Mines, Minerals,  Agriculture even Politics,  because politics too are like a country’s resource since they too affect the GDP of the country. They are an industry like Agriculture or Engineering! They want to produce people who are systematically taught to be less analytic, and rarely independent – if ever, depended on which ever system the capitalists choose  to implement.

This Education System is let loose and a time ticking bom in every way; intentionally and systemically placed there to put blinkers on the eyes of the poor majority and those who call themselves middle class.

It is placed there as a political dogma to assist the exploit of the poor by the wealthy Monopoly Capitalists. People who make profit literally from everything in this country. They make profit when someone dies, disaster strikes, war erupts, Zuma Saga, a University is burnt – they make profit, library bombed, police killed, riot strike, students arrested, crime rises, economy falls, economy rise, Gupta Gates, Gupta what-what,  Oscar trial,  Reeva is dead,  CEO celebrates and pops a champagne with his Journalists because they made profit –  at ANN7 even though the Gupta were  reported banned,  businesses closed down.  Political party looses and a political party wins, municipality changes or not… These people make profit! All they care about is to make more money,  they don’t care how many people they kill on the way…  They put in place laws and legal precedence to compliance for deadly non-organic products as acceptably healthier because that “legally”  registered company put in place the status of the product as they want us to perceive it to be – even if it’s not the way it’s designed for your body to be…

Our sociel behaviors in squalors – where the majority lives, thrives in destructive ways and beneficial to the economy that favors the wealthy. 

The same system that created economical Favors of only the wealthy in every way possible . For example: When a poor-middle class buys a brand new car, they pay close to twice or trice the price of that car,  but when a wealthy man buys the same car,  they pay close to half the price of that car. This is highly visibly clear, they charge the poor – middle class to pay the percentage required for that wealthy player –  who bought the same vehicle cash on close to 30% – 50% or 90% discounts on jargon  legal allowances known only to the wealthy; exploitable payable by the interests, levies of the poor or whatever the other list of Bull Shit automotive legal insurance million jargon – insurable hundred page contracts you sign when buying a vehicle even via banks. “It’s very simple, keep them at that level, if we do what’s right for them because we can, they will find a way to make us irrelevant. They will self-sustain, they will be independent, they will rise to power, they will have the will,  strength, and creative enough to implement strategies so they can economically run their own lives.  More innovations,  less racism,  less corruption,  political irrelevance, the will be less crime, which means our systems will be irrelevant, we won’t make money through prison, we won’t be the capital crime of the world.” Crime in South Africa is a tool perpetuated by government placed school systems to control the GDP of this country by the same Capital Monopoly Capitalists. The same people who decide what should even be the status of the ZAR currency. What could be the other reason? because we have abundance of resources, funds and everything that wee need to make our public education system to be world’s best as it should have been. It’s not corruption, it’s the “alter” (that thing you do sacrifices on) of the foundations of our very own schooling system.

How can a school kid pass with even anything less than 50%, with 5 years of High school education –  anyone can learn in less than 2 simple years.

What system is this? Why our municipalities are ran by politicians? why can’t they hire best technicians, Doctors, Engineers, and Inspiring Sports men to run our communities? Isn’t this simple, if East London economical_GDP thrives in the Marines, why can’t the municipalities there be run by the best Oceanic / Technicians who can cultivate that vicinity and highlight which brings fourth the highest profit on the graph through global representation, national or provincial. Shouldn’t Kwa Zulu Natal be ran by – Tourist Majors? Western Cape – Psychologists, Gauteng Geographicians/whatever I’m trying to imply, Free State by Social Workers, Eastern Cape by Lawyers, Limpopo by (what are those people in Agriculture?), Isn’t it fair if we wanted to put a descent respectful police units to hire mostly sports men, excellence in  karate, and people physically  fit enough to think they can catch a criminal,  instead this education system creates criminals so they can hire them as the protectors of the  vulnerabilities of the people they enjoy making vulnerable; so they can consume all the bullishit they feed them. Judge them, give them left overs through days like Mandela Day, Charity has become a money making scam!  What the fuck?  Everyone who wants to make money they exploit the pain and sufferings of the poor.  You want money? Open an NGO/NPO in Alexandra then join ANC.

That’s why this Educational system charges for an innocent child to go to school – so that they can forever be  indebted.  They rather feed criminals in prison,  buy them uniforms, give them free education,  free graduations and will go through  riots to give a child in the heart of the pig Township in poverty striken informal settlements without basic necessities – just uniform and food to go to  school,  creating a perception of importance in this twisted Jan van Riebeek education.  This ignorance should stop, if the government built every one a house, gave every one free electricity,  water,  sanitation,  because that shit is free anyways, free water, free education, land, the poor-middle class people will see no need to money, they will plant their own food, they won’t steal, prison walls will fall, no one will take loan, no one will buy a vehicle for a price of three – so he can pay for that wealthy man who bought his baby daughter golf 7 for her 16 year old birthday, cash: the same golf 7 you bought with your hard earned money from sweat and tears in the company playing along with the gimmicks of government games of the  “job creation hoax”… No one is really creating jobs, being a waiter is not a job, being an operator is not a job, being a Police is not a job, being a lot of things is not a job… It is no job until you know that you have chosen  that job and you are doing it because you want to do it not because “I have to be remunerated so I can one day pay for my boss’s 16 year old daughter’s golf 7 he bought cash a year after yours” So that I can consume more Bull Shit. Who did you think pays those discounts when people buy stuff cash? Imagine a house? 10 years to 20 years, when you buy it at your late 20’s to late 30’s; when you retire you pay it with the money that you save your whole life,  with an insurance that protects the money that is protected,  money you may never use, you may be dead even before finishing to pay it… Because after all, the same public school education perpetuates a lifestyle that is self destructive and heavily dependant on the  power of loans.

We are in Race Crisis, Religious Confusion, Self Hatred, More Violent to our very own; threatened and destructed by useless Corruption scandals, homophobes, sex scandals, entertainment.  High consumers who can’t even dare question anything wrapped in a Woolworth non-organic fruit and vegetables even if it’s a GMO.

This education system is winning, they have created this fallable illusion that they are doing everything to the their best to solve our education challenges which includes decolonising it.

Dude!  no one sues the banks for Defrauding million middle class people when buying their houses and cars.

This system wows me! How can you make profit for every blood spilled? Corruption is not only financially related,  it is also allowing bullishit like this to happen so that one can feed their stomach,  ego and pride.

We got served!


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