Who am I to Judge?

I came back from Tanzania that day, on my first day in South Africa -My heart was pumping, goose bumps, excitements and unfortunately highly expectant. First few days, joy – as fashionable as it is… Elevated my spirit and made me one with the Universe.

Travelling can really tear barriers and transform lives. It destroy fears, decrease doubts, deny negativity and cultivate intuition. Your mind becomes a playground of extra developmental exercises, you learn constantly. Yourself do not, but your instincts drives you.

Your dreams become wider, and your imaginations become wilder. Something like that…

I have represented my self as this black South African Xhosa male to the world. One who is eager to learn, eager to try and fail, and eager to achieve only the best in life. Apparently I was wrong, some of us dream of being seen every Friday carrying 1 litre coke and being a regular ka Spotong.

With all the townships, villages and informal settlement I’ve visited in between the Eastern Cape and North West.

Young families; a man who would do anything to bring food to the table and feed his family. He would rather kill himself just to see his family living happily ever after. Such a government; defining the circumstances of the people living in squalors.

I saw strength, love,  peace and unity that perpetuate petty violence, small crimes and useless jealousy. But beyond that… I saw how far the imaginations of the majority takes them? I met family men whom within themselves; their dying wish, they want to see their shack designed in an “L E” shape – having a dining room and 16 plates “so that when one day when we get visitors – we will be able to feed everyone and the would be a visitor who comes with a car and we have dinner in our “L” shape dining room… All our neighbours shall one day see nna ke mang”. 



The Diversion of Perception.

Draft Article 018

If ku “Moja” in kiSwahili means “We are One”/ “One”/ “Unity” while the Zulu speaking people say “Moja” referring to “Cool”. Mind you these two terms are both used during informal greetings. Without going further down the rabbit hole, we all have seen exact words that mean different things in another region, culture or language.

Could it be that the Zulu speaking people adopted this term from East Africa? during the apartheid regime when the struggle heros where in exile in East African kiSwahili speaking people region? It’s very much likely possible, but then “Moja” in Zulu is slang? and since it’s slang, it might have it’s connotations from Tsotsie taal (South African Gangster language). 

What is the diversion of perception?


The ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses.
“the normal limits to human perception”
  • the state of being or process of becoming aware of something through the senses.
    “the perception of pain”
    synonyms: recognition, awareness, consciousness, appreciation, realization, knowledge, grasp, understanding, comprehension, apprehension;

    “our perception of our own limitations”
  • a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression.
    “Hollywood’s perception of the tastes of the American public”
    synonyms: impression, idea, conception, notion, thought, belief, judgment, estimation

    “popular perceptions of old age”
    an instance of turning something aside from its course.
    “a diversion of resources from defense to civil research”
    synonyms: rerouting, redirection, deflection, deviation, divergence

    “the diversion of 19 rivers”
    An activity that diverts the mind from tedious or serious concerns; a recreation or pastime.
    “our chief diversion was reading”
    synonyms: entertainment, amusement, pastime, delight, divertissement;

    fun, recreation, rest and relaxation, pleasure;
    informalR and R;
    dated sport
    “a city full of diversions”

    The diversion of perception is basically the personal interpretation of what is being perceived by that particular person. This perception might be influenced by culture, language and religion.

    For example, in most regions in East Africa and southern African countries, “Umulungu”/”mulungu”/”mlungu” means “God” this includes Chichewa. Could it be because this was another diversion of perception? Since “Umulungu” means a “white person” in isiXhosa and isiZulu. Could this be another misinterpretation of perception by another region from another region?

    Now that we know what is the diversion of perception. I’m trying to find the correct wording to interpret my perceptions about this diversion of perception that is happening across Africa.

    I once had this belief that we are all living the same lives despite which demarcation of a community we are in. You cannot say the people of that region are nice people compared to another region. Why?

    Because you might hear another person saying “My mom” and you interpret that as love for the mother. Since in English “my” refers to ownership and “mom” is a term that expresses affection. It could be that the person in that particular region is not English literate hence they adopted “My mom” referring to their mother.

    Have you noticed how Nigerian, Somalians and other countries refer to other Nigerians as brothers. You would find a Yoruba man referring to another Yoruba man as “My brother” even if it’s not their brother.



8 Things That Graduates Should Understand.


To all those who are graduating this year, congratulations to you! It is a very exciting moment and self defining glory. This is a testament that you are capable enough to devour any storm that can come before you.

Always remember though, it is not a sealed deal that you will be successful after finally getting your formal qualification. Your character and attitude towards your career – will determine how far you go in life.

Below Are The Common Emotions That Graduates Usually Face!

1. You will be anxious!
2. You will feel more under pressure!
3. You will feel lonely in your job search!
4. You will feel like the world is closing down sometimes. Some of your school friends might have already be getting jobs you haven’t got. Sometimes you will start feeling nervous that the job you have doesn’t define you as the professional that you want to be, or like your school friends are having consequently to your chosen field.

What You Will Have To Understand Is This:

5. You will have to remain calm and know that it is not how fast your get a job that will give you fulfilment in your career, but how consistent are you in developing yourself even beyond Higher Institution learning.
6. You will have to believe in yourself even more now, this can only be done by continuously feeding your skills – day in and day out, no matter what.
7. A career is not defined by the qualification you have acquired, neither is it defined by the job post you will be having. It will be defined by your holistic lifestyle that encompasses your strengths in whatever you do in life.
8. You will have to always look for that only thing, that differentiate you from all your fellow Graduates; this will guarantee you a space in your field of expertise as the amazing professional you are or at least want to be!

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