Truth About Sex.

Truth About Sex.

Not everyone should be having sex

The original function of sex is to bond, bind; to create one person from two, that is to unite. 18-_satyr_embracing_a_nymph_pompeii

Sex is not a “person” it cannot understand, feel, or touch. In the olden days it was preferred for people who are well developed, spiritually, physical and hence “married”, to bind, unite and to make them one.

When you have sex with someone, you get attached to them whether you married or not, young or old. Being attached to someone means whatever that person feels, you will feel. If that person is sad, you will be worried. If that person is going through problems in their lives, you will want to intervene, because you are attached to them! You are that person in reality. Similar to what religious leaders call “soul ties”.

Sex is an act that involves emotions; emotions are of the soul. Sex is a spiritual act, for the fact that it attaches us to another person, because I cannot be happy if my girlfriend is going through something, that means I’m attached to her emotional arrays. Ever wonder why people close their eyes when they pray? It is because when you passing a message in the spiritual dimension with your eyes open, It requires more faith and obedience, because eyes makes you to see, and to see the results of your faith you must not see it with your naked eye. Now when you close your eyes through prayer, you are increasing the chances of attaining that which you are praying for.

Why does it happen like this? Simply because faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen – by natural eyes. Now the spiritual acts are always mostly performed with closed eyes.

When having sex and kissing, we close our eyes… increasing our chances of locking our soul ties. With soul ties (attachment), you must understand whatever curses that person you sleeping with is facing, you shall also face because you and him are one – just like in the physical realm. Your consciousness tells you if your boyfriend is sick, you will be worried, stressed and unconsciously sick depending on the amount of time you had sex with him (How attached are you)5d26dbbf0aed5b4b860476f6b6a65626

A friend of mine became sick and couldn’t eat for days after receiving the news that his girlfriend is having troubles in hospital delivering a baby… This is a spiritual tie… Remember our body is the result of our spiritual beings, because a man is Spirit; living in a body, possessing a soul.

So sex has a lot of implications in our daily lives. Sex is preferred by most religions for older people, married people; because it requires someone who is spiritually fit, emotionally stable and economically affording, but the society we are living in has made us to believe that if you do not have sex you are not cool.

The minute you engage in sexual intercourse, consider yourself married and start counting the people you are married to, because marriage is not a wedding, a ring, and or signing papers. Sex like Marriage is a spiritual exercise.

Lets face it!

Sex will always be a cool thing to do, no matter how many times we try to convince the youth that a relationship is about fun, getting to know someone and not sex.

Truth is even those who stay virgins until they’re older or even wed; They cannot run away from the fact that they also long to get laid. Whether they convince themselves that they are happily virgins or not.

The society we’re living in makes us want to have sex, dictates our sex organs to at least pursue it even mentally. It is registered in our sub consciousness. No wonder even virgins dream about sex, getting wet dreams and all, like those who are sexually active.

It all starts in the mind, Christianity assumes that you commit adultery just by the thinking of “having sex with another’s wife” that is the principle of Christianity. The principle of the spiritual realms is just by thinking consciously or unconsciously about sex, you are sexually active, even worse if you dream about it.
The society teaches us to abstain or use condom if sexually active. That’s not what we should be taught rather be taught about the why’s, How’s, When’s, What’s and all sorts of reasons of having sex including the consequences it comes with. Sex is very essential to a relationship! Let’s face it, it creates confidence, love, joy, happiness and stabilise relationships. But the thing is at the age of 18 you are not suppose to be dating anyway it should create those things when you are married… Sex is there to spice up your relationship… Now I’m facing the true facts of sex, looking beyond how badly its affecting our society, increasing teenage pregnancy, HIV and all sort of bad consequences it come with. Let us be taught the spiritual consequences of sex before the physical aspect of it, in this way our youth shall know why, when and how to have sex! Worse thing is, even majority of spiritual leaders focus their teachings on physical things rather than spiritual while confusing the people to think building physical things is more important than spiritual things. Whereas spiritual things give birth to physical things and not the other way around.
Spiritual leaders who are suppose to be teaching us these things are not talking about it in churches, and in many social groups this topic is always avoided yet killing, torturing, saddening and destroying families.

Young boys are raping, hurting and assaulting not because of the desire to get laid rather the desire for truth and knowledge. My people perish because of lack of knowledge.

There is certainly more to sex than just a 5minute orgasm!

now what do you think we should be taught by the media and government? Use condom or abstain? And telling us about teenage pregnancy? HIV? Those things are not scary anymore. It’s cool to be pregnant; apparently people compete about such things nowadays.

HIV is no longer a reason to abstain, and it is not even considered as a reason for not sleeping with multiple partners. There are condoms for christ sake.

Implications and Consequences

Sex has spiritual implications and consequences, what you’re going through in your life might not be because you are a failure, but because you are carrying spiritual problems of your multiple partners, and they are failing through your life.
You most probably asking yourself what is happening to my life, and all to find out it is just the little things you have done and thought did not matter. There is more to life than sleeping with every “hot” somebody you cannot resist.
Find something to believe in, Find a religion, be an atheist, but stick to the teachings and the morals created by what you believe in, they are very essential to this life we live.

A religion will give you guiding principles that will formulate your life, regardless of what religion or dogma that may be.