What If Religion Is The Problem?


What if the Religion Ideology is a propaganda that seeks to dictate that people have to do something in order for them to be blessed by God among other dictatorships that it suggests. “One cannot be blessed until they pray consistently, or one cannot be blessed until they exercise some Christian cultural practices – like fasting in the context of Christianity“. What if it was a propaganda to exploit people’s free will?

Let’s Focus On Christianity.

This is not a question of the bible; because the bible is the true revelation of God – throughout the respective God inspired authors. This is about Christianity; why do churches demonstrate material acquisition as signs of being blessed? Which God blesses those who have done ABC&D and not bless those who haven’t?

The word “religion” as it is used today does not have an obvious pre-colonial translation into non-European languages. The anthropologist Daniel Dubuisson writes that “what the West and the history of religions in its wake have objectified under the name ‘religion’ is … something quite unique, which could be appropriate only to itself and its own history”.
The history of other cultures’ interaction with the religious category is therefore their interaction with an idea that first developed in Europe under the influence of Christianity, he adds…

What if Religion is a form of a drug, like heroine or cocaine – if you don’t do it right, it will choke slam you; or at least not give you satisfaction – but just pre-conceived guilt that may either lead you to a series of self destructive impulses, or maybe make one change their footsteps to go back on the wagon of conforming to these religious practices?

One would argue that as long as conforming to these religious practices will get me “blessed by God”.

This is also not a question about God, because God does exist; we see His face around us. We see his creation, kindness and a tremendous touch that dazzled the skies and placed a thousand stars above us and below beautiful oceans that reveals precisely who God is without “Religion”.

Again; this is not about the bible, because the bible is the perfect illustration of what might God would have said to us if we had access to see and hear God like how he sees us – through His spiritual eye. We wouldn’t have to have physical proof to testify his blessings through material acquisition.

“Fate, It Seems, Is Not Without a Sense Of Irony” – Morpheus (The Matrix)

Isn’t Faith; the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen?

It’s evident, that the media has been portraying the Muslims as high murderers, suicide bombers and responsible for “all” the terrorism in the world. What if it’s the other way around? Christianity is the one that have been really killing innocent people in the world. When one reads the bible they are capable of seeing the perfect work of God but in Christian religious practices one can almost see the huge gap between what the bible says and what Christians do. Haven’t you ever seen people whom are the purest sweethearts, do not do all the “wrong doings” that many Christians condemn and define as hindrances to the material acquisition? People who serve God with fullness of joy despite any suffering they endure throughout the process? Haven’t you seen people like this before “Not Blessed”? Haven’t you seen wealthy people who have all the material belongings in the world but are doing all the evil things that Christians condemn?

The authors of the bible had cultural differences; although the synoptic gospels may speak about the same Jesus Christ, their cultural practices in their respective times of writing their books had a greater influence on what they chose to say! What if some articulated their writings according to their traditional perspective practiced in a part of a region in the world as the “Rule Book” that became a phenomenal discovery book after slavery was getting complicated in the beginning.

What if the compilation of the bible was not the one that was inspired by God but it was the authors who were… What if the complication was inspired and or influenced by the same forces during the time of the first Council of Nicaea.

The bible was actually not until 367 AD that the church father Athanasius first provided the complete listing of the 66 books belonging to the canon.

He distinguished those from other books that were widely circulated and he noted that those 66 books were the ones, and the only ones, “universally” accepted.
The point is that the formation of the canon did not come all at once like a thunderbolt, but was the product of centuries of reflection.

I use the bible as the guiding principle in giving me access to understand who God is a little better.

So What If All The Injustice In The World is Perpetuated by Religion.

What if majority of religious views were the source of discrimination. People managed to see colour, wrong, right, must do’s and mustn’t do’s. The same Must do’s and Shouldn’t do’s that give labels to people. “You’re an adulterer, if you sleep with multiple women” – The society should despise you and you should be ashamed? What if that was just a regional perspective more than a universal acceptable one?

Isn’t religion categorizing people with labels?

This is something I need to ponder on!

The Fundamentals of belief

The Fundamentals of belief
The fundamental of belief is not all about Religion or good morals for the society.

It is about the essence of a human being through the correlation of nature.

Our lives have been grounded by the principles and forces of the laws such as the law of gravity, the scientifical laws, cultural customs and all the other active laws.

A man without religion is merely a man without the core factors of his spiritual understanding, simply because religion is the connection of the spiritual realms intensely to the physical realms. 

Human beings consist of three fundamentals, the Spirit, the body and the soul. A man is Spirit living in a body  and possessing a soul. A human being has the mind that convinces the soul emotionally. It has been proven that whatever human beings feed their sub-consciousness with, will reflect unconsciously unto their consciousness or by their actions or words. 01460226d2a33f6fdc022196a8e4e85a31e358e7_m

A human being with no religious connotation is like a reed, when the wind blows to the left, it bends to the left and when the wind blows to the right, it bends to the right. A reed can also convince itself and say “I will not bend to the left but the truth to the matter is, deep down it has already fallen to the direction of where the wind blows involuntarily.” 

According to David Barrett there are approximately 19 major world religions which subdivided to 270 large religious groups, and this number is growing exponentially. All these religions have a lot in common, that is: they have GOD/gods/ a god; they promote good morals for the society, they use the fasting principle, but most of all, they give a human being a sense of understanding the spiritual being of themselves immeasurable. That’s of course at least most of them. For instance the fasting concept is done to disconnect the flesh from the spirit, to give full control of the human being to the spirit as it should be. All religions comprehend that the spirit should be in control before the flesh, however the man who is not living on the religious ideologies has already lost that understanding and if they do have it; they know less of how to use it.

The fasting principle has been psychologically and scientifically proven that every living  organism needs it, they have also assumed that the 8- 12 hours sleep during the night is the form of fasting; where meditation, digestion, relaxation of the flesh and also the usage of the sub-consciousness takes place; and that is where dreams mostly occur.

Have you ever wonder why most religious books suggest “Nothing Is Impossible”?

if nothing is impossible why can’t we fly, like birds do? Why can’t we extrapolate ourselves to whatever we want to be? while at night in our dreams we do fly, why? Simply because we are on the fasting state, where the flesh is not in control but our spirit is.

Fasting hypothetically speaking is relaxing, digesting, and meditating as we do when we sleep. Tell me who never dream falling on a high hill but eventually flied like superman. Dreams are true and they happen in real life. I believe it is our spirit exercising their fantasies and emerging according to what we feed our intellect with.  Sometimes our intellects are fed by our sub-consciousness, that makes us to know not or never understand some dreams we dream – moreover, sometimes our dreams come from our consciousness, where we dream about what we were thinking just before we sleep and or have been subconsciously meditating on without knowing vivid awareness.

The people who have mastered their religious concepts can actually be in your dream and control it. They can even manipulate you to death, or to the destiny they want you to be (This is a truth that can be believed or not).

One of the rituals that the witches perform, according to my knowledge, is fasting by using herbs and if you notice how they punish their flesh by sleeping on the floor, and sometimes sleep in the forest, mountain and or riverside; that is by scientifical law part of disconnecting the body to the Spirit.

If you remember during the times of King David of Israel; when Uriah, Bathsheba’s husband and David’s soldier was called from the war to dine with the king and lay with his wife, he refused to sleep in his house in bed neither to drink nor eat because his fellow soldiers were on a War (he fasted for his team mates). He slept on the gate side of David’s Palace. This was beyond spiritual experiment. He (Uriah), without knowing changed the course of History.

  • Revealed David’s sin without awareness by taking a stand to fast.
  • He introduced the world to a different version of who God is, according to the biblical perspective.
  • That God can call you to carry his ministry but at the very same time, it does not mean carrying the ministry of God you will not go through temptations.
  • David went through the series of sins because of sexual temptations:- Murder, Lies, Adultery, and so on.

Nowadays people have become very robotic. According to the history of time the man who fasted had performed peculiar miracles. Elijah fasted 40 days and performed the great miracles in his time; Jesus of Nazareth also fasted 40 days and also performed the greatest miracles in his time. I would like to send my condolences to Nelisiwe Majozi who fasted 40 days and was found dead 10 days after she had died and all those who have fasted but never reached their desired output.

Man can starve himself for 70 days before dying, although some die after 17 days and the average is 40 days. Death results from general and deep catabolism (breaking down) of all body processes. The well nourished adult on a complete fast loses from 28 to 35 of weight daily. That is about 1% or 1 and half % of total body weight. This loss continues almost constant for eight days. Then the average daily loss becomes smaller; death occurs when from 35% to 40% of original weight has been sacrificed. Loss of weight seems to be fairly independent of the water intake. It is a fact that a fasting person demands less water than a person on a regular diet. Partial starvation is often a sociological problem. In Greek Catholic countries the religion calls for fasting on almost half the days of the year. Hindus fast for days to solve their moral problems. “So to say fasting without full understanding of the concept behind fasting can lead to starvation and or death without attaining the desired output.

Walter Requadt concluded that “Religion is the illusory attempt to find security and happiness in an inherently insecure and unhappy world” well… whatever people can try to define religion as, it will always be the most life changing theory or illusory attempt as Walter defines it and just take a second and imagine a world without religion. Even if religion is a big lie; it is a lie that promotes love for our neighbours, forgiveness, and most good morals for the society; more importantly fighting for what is right.

There are reactions for every action as the law of science decides. Nothing happens accidentally, everything is there for a reason it’s just the lack of perspective that blinds people from finding reasons for every action.

Whether you are a Buddhist, Baha’i Faith, Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam Gnosticism, Judaism, Rastafarian Movement, Hinduism, Manichaeism, Christianity etc. It does not matter, some refer to their religions as NOT religions but lifestyles, however the fact is, we all fall under one concept as defined: “Religion is a collection of cultural systems, belief systems, and worldviews that establishes symbols that relate humanity to spirituality and moral values. Many Religions have narratives symbols, traditions and sacred histories that are intended to give meaning to life or to explain the origin of life or the universe. They tend to derive morality, ethics, religious laws or preferred lifestyle from their ideas about the cosmos and human nature”. That is religion! If smoking makes you view the world differently and have created a cultural system around your smoking, defining the universe through the practices of constant smoking. That is your Religion!



Truth About Sex.

Truth About Sex.

Not everyone should be having sex

The original function of sex is to bond, bind; to create one person from two, that is to unite. 18-_satyr_embracing_a_nymph_pompeii

Sex is not a “person” it cannot understand, feel, or touch. In the olden days it was preferred for people who are well developed, spiritually, physical and hence “married”, to bind, unite and to make them one.

When you have sex with someone, you get attached to them whether you married or not, young or old. Being attached to someone means whatever that person feels, you will feel. If that person is sad, you will be worried. If that person is going through problems in their lives, you will want to intervene, because you are attached to them! You are that person in reality. Similar to what religious leaders call “soul ties”.

Sex is an act that involves emotions; emotions are of the soul. Sex is a spiritual act, for the fact that it attaches us to another person, because I cannot be happy if my girlfriend is going through something, that means I’m attached to her emotional arrays. Ever wonder why people close their eyes when they pray? It is because when you passing a message in the spiritual dimension with your eyes open, It requires more faith and obedience, because eyes makes you to see, and to see the results of your faith you must not see it with your naked eye. Now when you close your eyes through prayer, you are increasing the chances of attaining that which you are praying for.

Why does it happen like this? Simply because faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen – by natural eyes. Now the spiritual acts are always mostly performed with closed eyes.

When having sex and kissing, we close our eyes… increasing our chances of locking our soul ties. With soul ties (attachment), you must understand whatever curses that person you sleeping with is facing, you shall also face because you and him are one – just like in the physical realm. Your consciousness tells you if your boyfriend is sick, you will be worried, stressed and unconsciously sick depending on the amount of time you had sex with him (How attached are you)5d26dbbf0aed5b4b860476f6b6a65626

A friend of mine became sick and couldn’t eat for days after receiving the news that his girlfriend is having troubles in hospital delivering a baby… This is a spiritual tie… Remember our body is the result of our spiritual beings, because a man is Spirit; living in a body, possessing a soul.

So sex has a lot of implications in our daily lives. Sex is preferred by most religions for older people, married people; because it requires someone who is spiritually fit, emotionally stable and economically affording, but the society we are living in has made us to believe that if you do not have sex you are not cool.

The minute you engage in sexual intercourse, consider yourself married and start counting the people you are married to, because marriage is not a wedding, a ring, and or signing papers. Sex like Marriage is a spiritual exercise.

Lets face it!

Sex will always be a cool thing to do, no matter how many times we try to convince the youth that a relationship is about fun, getting to know someone and not sex.

Truth is even those who stay virgins until they’re older or even wed; They cannot run away from the fact that they also long to get laid. Whether they convince themselves that they are happily virgins or not.

The society we’re living in makes us want to have sex, dictates our sex organs to at least pursue it even mentally. It is registered in our sub consciousness. No wonder even virgins dream about sex, getting wet dreams and all, like those who are sexually active.

It all starts in the mind, Christianity assumes that you commit adultery just by the thinking of “having sex with another’s wife” that is the principle of Christianity. The principle of the spiritual realms is just by thinking consciously or unconsciously about sex, you are sexually active, even worse if you dream about it.
The society teaches us to abstain or use condom if sexually active. That’s not what we should be taught rather be taught about the why’s, How’s, When’s, What’s and all sorts of reasons of having sex including the consequences it comes with. Sex is very essential to a relationship! Let’s face it, it creates confidence, love, joy, happiness and stabilise relationships. But the thing is at the age of 18 you are not suppose to be dating anyway it should create those things when you are married… Sex is there to spice up your relationship… Now I’m facing the true facts of sex, looking beyond how badly its affecting our society, increasing teenage pregnancy, HIV and all sort of bad consequences it come with. Let us be taught the spiritual consequences of sex before the physical aspect of it, in this way our youth shall know why, when and how to have sex! Worse thing is, even majority of spiritual leaders focus their teachings on physical things rather than spiritual while confusing the people to think building physical things is more important than spiritual things. Whereas spiritual things give birth to physical things and not the other way around.
Spiritual leaders who are suppose to be teaching us these things are not talking about it in churches, and in many social groups this topic is always avoided yet killing, torturing, saddening and destroying families.

Young boys are raping, hurting and assaulting not because of the desire to get laid rather the desire for truth and knowledge. My people perish because of lack of knowledge.

There is certainly more to sex than just a 5minute orgasm!

now what do you think we should be taught by the media and government? Use condom or abstain? And telling us about teenage pregnancy? HIV? Those things are not scary anymore. It’s cool to be pregnant; apparently people compete about such things nowadays.

HIV is no longer a reason to abstain, and it is not even considered as a reason for not sleeping with multiple partners. There are condoms for christ sake.

Implications and Consequences

Sex has spiritual implications and consequences, what you’re going through in your life might not be because you are a failure, but because you are carrying spiritual problems of your multiple partners, and they are failing through your life.
You most probably asking yourself what is happening to my life, and all to find out it is just the little things you have done and thought did not matter. There is more to life than sleeping with every “hot” somebody you cannot resist.
Find something to believe in, Find a religion, be an atheist, but stick to the teachings and the morals created by what you believe in, they are very essential to this life we live.

A religion will give you guiding principles that will formulate your life, regardless of what religion or dogma that may be.