Who am I to Judge?

I came back from Tanzania that day, on my first day in South Africa -My heart was pumping, goose bumps, excitements and unfortunately highly expectant. First few days, joy – as fashionable as it is… Elevated my spirit and made me one with the Universe.

Travelling can really tear barriers and transform lives. It destroy fears, decrease doubts, deny negativity and cultivate intuition. Your mind becomes a playground of extra developmental exercises, you learn constantly. Yourself do not, but your instincts drives you.

Your dreams become wider, and your imaginations become wilder. Something like that…

I have represented my self as this black South African Xhosa male to the world. One who is eager to learn, eager to try and fail, and eager to achieve only the best in life. Apparently I was wrong, some of us dream of being seen every Friday carrying 1 litre coke and being a regular ka Spotong.

With all the townships, villages and informal settlement I’ve visited in between the Eastern Cape and North West.

Young families; a man who would do anything to bring food to the table and feed his family. He would rather kill himself just to see his family living happily ever after. Such a government; defining the circumstances of the people living in squalors.

I saw strength, love,  peace and unity that perpetuate petty violence, small crimes and useless jealousy. But beyond that… I saw how far the imaginations of the majority takes them? I met family men whom within themselves; their dying wish, they want to see their shack designed in an “L E” shape – having a dining room and 16 plates “so that when one day when we get visitors – we will be able to feed everyone and the would be a visitor who comes with a car and we have dinner in our “L” shape dining room… All our neighbours shall one day see nna ke mang”. 



The Diversion of Perception.

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If ku “Moja” in kiSwahili means “We are One”/ “One”/ “Unity” while the Zulu speaking people say “Moja” referring to “Cool”. Mind you these two terms are both used during informal greetings. Without going further down the rabbit hole, we all have seen exact words that mean different things in another region, culture or language.

Could it be that the Zulu speaking people adopted this term from East Africa? during the apartheid regime when the struggle heros where in exile in East African kiSwahili speaking people region? It’s very much likely possible, but then “Moja” in Zulu is slang? and since it’s slang, it might have it’s connotations from Tsotsie taal (South African Gangster language). 

What is the diversion of perception?


The ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses.
“the normal limits to human perception”
  • the state of being or process of becoming aware of something through the senses.
    “the perception of pain”
    synonyms: recognition, awareness, consciousness, appreciation, realization, knowledge, grasp, understanding, comprehension, apprehension;

    “our perception of our own limitations”
  • a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression.
    “Hollywood’s perception of the tastes of the American public”
    synonyms: impression, idea, conception, notion, thought, belief, judgment, estimation

    “popular perceptions of old age”
    an instance of turning something aside from its course.
    “a diversion of resources from defense to civil research”
    synonyms: rerouting, redirection, deflection, deviation, divergence

    “the diversion of 19 rivers”
    An activity that diverts the mind from tedious or serious concerns; a recreation or pastime.
    “our chief diversion was reading”
    synonyms: entertainment, amusement, pastime, delight, divertissement;

    fun, recreation, rest and relaxation, pleasure;
    informalR and R;
    dated sport
    “a city full of diversions”

    The diversion of perception is basically the personal interpretation of what is being perceived by that particular person. This perception might be influenced by culture, language and religion.

    For example, in most regions in East Africa and southern African countries, “Umulungu”/”mulungu”/”mlungu” means “God” this includes Chichewa. Could it be because this was another diversion of perception? Since “Umulungu” means a “white person” in isiXhosa and isiZulu. Could this be another misinterpretation of perception by another region from another region?

    Now that we know what is the diversion of perception. I’m trying to find the correct wording to interpret my perceptions about this diversion of perception that is happening across Africa.

    I once had this belief that we are all living the same lives despite which demarcation of a community we are in. You cannot say the people of that region are nice people compared to another region. Why?

    Because you might hear another person saying “My mom” and you interpret that as love for the mother. Since in English “my” refers to ownership and “mom” is a term that expresses affection. It could be that the person in that particular region is not English literate hence they adopted “My mom” referring to their mother.

    Have you noticed how Nigerian, Somalians and other countries refer to other Nigerians as brothers. You would find a Yoruba man referring to another Yoruba man as “My brother” even if it’s not their brother.



7 Reasons Why You Should Stay Away From People Who Do Not Love Politics.

People who do not love politics can never be trusted. It is a natural instinct for everything at the face of the earth to guard, challenge and question the integrity of the things and or people that governs us.   Even the bees do it? they guard, challenge and question the integrity of the queen. They would die for the queen, it’s their politics!

Now this chameleon, this wolf wearing sheep’s cloth person you should stay away is either:-

  1. extremely ignorant
  2. or dubiously naive to think that we cannot see that they are shallow minded or simply toxic people to hang around.

Here are the 7 reasons why you should stay away from people who do not love politics. 

  1. They do not know or underestimate the impact that politics is having in their lives.
  2. They do not know that everything is influenced by politics even the choices we choose to make are politically influenced.
  3. They do not know that even the religion they choose to believe in is politically motivated.
  4. These are the people whose actions are not well thought. They can do something that is not well calculated in your condor. You might find yourself being responsible for something bad that happened or responsible for a stupid mistake that caused a lot of fire.
  5. These are the people who do not go further than what they are told, they often choose to sink around the system.
  6. If you ever thought about who exactly are the people who think only inside the box, these are the people!
  7. These people are often the people who look at everything at face value.

Be careful of those people, they are the people who will suck the ambition out of you. They will suck your drive and positivity to discover new things and pursue new opportunities. These are the people who say, “it cannot be done, because no one has ever done it”, The people who believe “this is the only way it can be done, because this has always been the way it has been done”. Stay away from those people!

This people are dependant on the system, the system which is defined by politics and politics which they fail to love; because failing to love politics means failing to be concerned about politics.



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Labour Pains…

Do not be confused of labour pains and period pains. Period pains are when you are being reminded monthly that you are capable of becoming pregnant! Labor pains are when you are about to give birth during pregnancy. Period pains hurt a lot, but labour pains are worse.

Period pains are when you go through harsh circumstances in life, God is constantly reminding you that you are capable of becoming the greatest YOU that you can ever imagine. When you are going through your worst moments in life, you must know whatever vision you are pregnant with, is about to materialise, the only thing you got to do – is to PUSH, PUSH and PUSH! the baby will come out! It wont be easy but PUSH, PUSH and PUSH! That’s just the moment and time the blessing will be delivered.

Worst times of your life are like labour pains, you must understand if you do not give up and do not stop pushing your baby will arrive! But if you stop you might give birth to a dead vision. Ask me I know young girls/women who are pregnant in the town become the gossip of the day!

They will say things about you, you will feel bad, they will pass harsh words towards you, mock you and ridicule you. Oh how do I say this! Even if you are pregnant at the age of 15 years, the baby will always remain a blessing… What am I saying? Sleep around and get pregnant so that you can receive a blessing? I’m NOT! I am saying when you have a vision of pursuing a Business at the age 15 years, you will be LAUGHED at, people will look at you as if you have gone crazy! You will be made to feel bad of what you are pregnant with – up until you deliver the baby. Get the picture! Yes she is pregnant, I am pregnant and you are pregnant!

Proclaim and degree mysteries with your stomach, according to Proverbs 4 verse 23 “Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it spring fourth all issues of life.” . that car that you want is in thy belly, that house, that money, that husband, that wife… Labour pains! what you going through is only because you’re pregnant with a baby. the baby is kicking… Labour pains! 

PUSH: Pray Until Something Happens 

 *pray until something happens* pray is a singular word for praise, now rather do it twice! praise God for every situation he puts you in. Praise is the better activation of Worship! When you worship you give glory to whatever you believe will bring your blessings. 

This is why I define a  blessing as permission. A permission is an approval, or should I say an authorization. 

No wonder Jacob stole Esau’s blessing over material acquisition and consumption. He knew exactly what a blessing is. Genesis 49:22 – 28

Paul writes to the Ephesians and declares to them “You have been blessed with all Spiritual Blessing” not blessings but Blessing.

A Blessing Is Permission…

Today I am standing here.  I know that not everything is perfect, not everything in my life is going level.

However, I am trying to transform my mind, trying to create new nervous tissues under my skull, that allows me to understand that I am a failure not!

That allows me to be sick not.

That allows me to walk tall.

That allows me to be confident and shy not.

That allows me to say in the mist of every dilemma, I am still standing for sure.

That allows me to speak these words and resurrect you who are intimidated to testify of your faith.

These words which I speak!

That which by my eyes of mind I can see my tomorrow.

That which by the feelings I contain I can feel no more sorrow.

That which by my legs I can walk miles according to what my eyes by my mind can perceive.

These words which I speak!

They will indeed give me life.

They will indeed take me from the bottom to the sky.

They will indeed make me pursue my dreams.

They will indeed erase my deeds of the past.

Let these words resurrect you and make you a new person.

Let these words transform the colour of your skin.

Let these words be seen in action by these human beings who are Lifeless species.

Let these words live in your mind and meditate on them so they can become the only nervous tissue that your mind can reason about.

If then you did this. Your mind will reason not of failure.

Your mind will be aware not of the negative words. Then your mind shall produce fruits of the physical.

You will tomorrow go out and tell the world that your faith has given you the blessings.

No wonder other intellectuals have defined a blessing as permission.

A permission is an approval, or should I say an authorization.

You are being given permission to what is already yours by your words.

I define it as an appreciation of being faithful to these words which are in your mind.

I do not mind not by any chance to be considered as someone who speaks nonsense.

However, I value these words.

I price worthy them not.

I utter them with pride! because the Resurrection of These Words will give you your blessing!

Be resurrected!

#IamChange #Declare

There Are Black People, Then There Are “Black” People, klaar!

Let us face it! black has became a very broad concept along the years. They say Black People is a term used in certain countries, often in socially based systems of racial classification or of ethnicity, to describe persons who are perceived to be dark-skinned compared to other given populations.


Socially Based Systems: primarily “in a way that relates to society or its organization.”  Organisation meaning how the particular group of people have been excluded and or exclusively  living a different lifestyle than the others.

Racial Classification: Race is “the revised standards contain five minimum categories for race: American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, Black or African American, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, and White” according to Grants.nih

Which takes us back to the first definition of “Black People” it’s people who are perceived to be dark-skinned compared to other given populations. How dark? Hispanic dark? Hawaiian dark? or Asian dark?

It seems like Racial classification is defined on the basis of separating a class from the other class. This was never about the colour of the person’s skin. It was about which class the people belonged to. The Black People were primitive and adaptive to new cultures and lifestyles, because they were nomads by nature.

The western world came on the shores of Azania, they predefined and classified us as lower class – the poor class, because we were primitive. They have always considered primitive poor, because they didn’t understand our African ways. This has caused shock to other continents, perpetuating even people like Mahatma Ghandi having the guts to despise “Black People”, claiming that “they are lazy, dirty, people who are wasteful and all good to make babies” (paraphrase) which is not long ago. High level of discrimination transcended from generation to generation.

This is a preconceived pompous idea that was given birth by  the unwise who thought primitive mean’t poor, and so classifying the dark skinned majority as Black People.

Black People does not define Africa, African people are not all black.

Going back to the point, there are black people like the black people in Alexandra, Johannesburg, South Africa; then there are black people in Sandton, Johannesburg; some of them you cannot mistake them for Black People, other than the distorted black definition colour of their skin theory. These black people are the black people that have been described from above when we mentioned “It seems like Racial classification is defined on the basis of separating a class from the other class” Which is predominately the poor versus the rich. So many of those black people cannot really call themselves black people. Because black is been somehow defined incorrect, so you are not black; you are white, because maybe you might have been the beneficiary of the long strings of network that defined CODESA. Whether you have directly benefited from the White Monopoly Capitalism that was sealed during that time, or you have been posing as the face of Black Economic Empowerment while you are pushing White Monopoly Capitalism through hidden agendas; then you are not Black, you are White! Remember black also means being the victim of the system’s exploitation of the consumer tendencies from the black majority. Black means in debts, it means surviving through the day in a beautiful mansion. Black means making it by a month to month nge tarhu bawo. That’s being black! You are in the same economical struggle of Azania as the majority of Africans. If you do not know how it feels to be black then you haven’t experienced being black whether you might be dark-skinned or not. Not even going without butter for a month experience can convince you that you are black, neither by having to walk to school 7 km because daddy didn’t come back from drinking to give you school bus fair – can convince you and make you feel that you understand the struggle of what “Black People” are going through.  There are caucasian “Black People”, you see them everywhere, there at the super market shouting “hola bafethu, khawenze iR2 ye nkawz’ apho”. Dude! those are Black People ngqumakho!

White might have mean a lot of things, but it cannot mean anything close to a Caucasian.

What if we translate “White People” to native languages across Africa? Maybe just two. We may see the confusion of the White misinterpreted incorrectly translated definition.

In isiZulu White Person means Umlungu 

In Chichewa and keSwahili White Person means Mzungu but Umulungu means God. We know that the Xhosa people in South Africa were the first to be visited by “White People“, they called “White People” “umlungu“, meaning that foam that is spitted out by the ocean. but in Malawi, the Maravi people (The first people who occupied Malawi which is derived from Maravi), these people were so dumb apparently! You know the superstitions about short people? They praised what was foreign and unknown to them. They probably heard a Xhosa speaker passing by, saying “Ngu Mlungu lowo maqabane” which means “that’s a foam that was spit by the ocean”. then the Maravi people thought fok! Umulungu meaning God “has came to save them from whatever” I don’t know. Few years down the line they are chased out of Malawi, their own land by the forces of AbeLungu, even the Current Kingdoms of Malawi chased them away saying they were too stupid.

During this whole confusion of Umlungu, God, Umlungu and Umzungu and all of that. We find that aBelungu have spread to all other African tribes, they have heard that they are praised on the other side of the world. Maybe that’s when they planned to manipulate everything to serve their delusions that they are gods. This is probably why even today you find Mzungus feeling superior than the Black People! I mean black people for example a guy washing your car at a car wash? or a beggar standing on the side road or maybe your classmate in University who cannot speak proper English or dress traditional or non-conventional . That’s a black guy not a “black guy” who wears nerd glasses, happy socks and speak with a twang. It doesn’t mean that I’m saying if you have a twang, nerd glasses and happy socks you cannot be black! We now know what Black People mean.

Basically this is probably a generational curse, “Black People” have passed the inferiority from child to child, and “White People” have passed that superiority over black people from child to child.

All from the confusion of the Maravis, ahhhh man! That’s why now Malawi is the Warm Heart of Africa. It’s because we empathise with them with all our hearts as Africans. We are all Africans, what’s the way forward?


Never Be Afraid To Make Mistakes

“When you stop existing and you start truly living, each moment of the day comes alive with the wonder and synchronicity.” – Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

“Make a pact with yourself today to not be defined by your past. Instead, shake things up today! Live through today. Don’t just exist through it – LIVE through it!” Steve Maraboli says.

It breaks my heart to see people scared to make mistakes; some constantly portraying a perfect image with no flaws; where the heart is in shackles of pain scattered by a double edged swords called life. Consistently within them rises inner loose arrogance while they confuse it with confidence.

Time is passing you by while you busy living cautiously – regrets sodomising you inwardly. What then does this mean? Go out there and live recklessly? No! Do what you have to do, without the fear of failure nor the fear of being judged? Truth is; you are being judged already, this way or another.

The most academically qualified people go through harsher circumstances.

Why the most academically qualified are usually the most served with misery? Is God being unfair? Perhaps there is no God, because God wouldn’t let the sinner’s prosper and the saints fail? In my personal opinion; they too cautious, living by the book of which someone else created for their own truth and purposeful paths as well as their personal discoveries through their journey called life.

I do not believe in living life in algorithm forms. Where success is measured by time and tiny little bits of increments, towards acquiring that which we were purposefully created, prepared, planned and predestined for! We achieve and archive our dreams laid in our hearts daily by fulfilling our daily carefully planned tasks.

In the measurements of reality, time is perhaps constant to you, and moving for someone else. Why is this so? because you create your own time, and by doing something different, effective and efficient with your time beneficial to your holistic goals; you create in your space and moment an incremental dimension to your own levels. At the end of your life, the library of your life’s film will either resemble a baby’s memorial, or a decade worth of life depending on what you do with your time.

You are not late at work when you think you are; you probably late on creating and sealing your employers purpose, and subsequently delivering him to another space in time on their archives. Does this mean stop working and work on your own self? I don’t know! You analyse yourself, define your standing and fully understand the strategic resources you need to get, to arrive where you want to be. Sometimes it might be, your ultimate purpose is geared to be in that position in the level of your timeously increments.

Do yourself favour; Reassess your aims; and re evaluate your standing. You just might be a 16 year old trapped in a 30 year old skin. Just like some married men and women who walk boldly, because they think they are independently satisfied while asking mommy and daddy for every little bit of advice for their purpose’s discovery. You want to paint your own house, you asking mommy and daddy instead of your wife or husband and kids who are part of your purpose. Dramatic childish dependance tendencies of a responsible kid, not an adult!

What is growth really?

Growth is spiritually aligned instead of numerically acquired. Age is just a systematic number stamped to our lives.

What is the most resilient parasite? A bacteria? A virus? An intestinal worm? An idea is like a virus. Resilient. Highly contagious. And even the smallest seed of an idea can grow. It can grow to define or destroy you. Once an idea has taken hold of the brain it’s almost impossible to eradicate. An idea that is fully formed, fully understood.” from the movie Inception. 

Whatever idea of ideologies that you have gathered from the outside world; can create, grow to define or destroy you in that accordance. It is up to you to gather data of the spiritual realms from the responses of your deliberate instances of your life. Your circumstances, your current situation – could be just an idea of nothing real about your reality. If you know yourself and dedicated to learn more about yourself than you may be about the world around you. You can command realities of your own liking without using faith, but the grace of your inner strength. You can literally remove a mountain like Dashrath Manjih. An epitome of Faith that is…